Promoting Creativity and Learning in Workshops Promoting Creativity and Learning in Workshops

Holon Consulting provides workshop training and education instruction, as well as curriculum development. Workshops are customized and tailored to the needs of the participants. Qualified consultants develop course materials on specified topics.

Holon Consulting has provided instructional design for the following workshop and course topics, and brings in-depth knowledge to:

  • Building Coalitions through the Partnering Process
  • Implementing Partnering into the Culture
  • Forging a Sustainable Future through Groups that can Think, Plan, Problem Solve and Innovate together
  • Designing & Conducting Partnering Workshops
  • Partnering in the Field
  • Issue Resolution for Leaders and Teams
  • Leading from the Middle of the Organization
  • Transform Your Life through Self Awareness
  • Creative Visualization


  • Meet with Design Team members (those identified by the client as sharing responsibility/interest/expertise re: the workshop/course outcomes)
  • Understand the desired outcomes and content of workshop/course
  • Understand the participants-to-be: their perceived need, major work issues, challenges to learning, learning styles, past training with the course content, current skill level, and nature of work
  • Co-develop draft workshop agenda/course curriculum with input from design team members; and finalize using feedback
  • Customize the workshop/course by identifying relevant life examples drawn from knowledge of the participants-to-be and the organization
  • Develop and review the participant materials; discuss any questions or concerns with design team members; and finalize using feedback
  • Integrate effective adult learning techniques: offer opportunities for all participants to participate, internalize, practice and receive feedback; use various presentation techniques that accommodate all learning styles (i.e. verbal, visual, written, hands-on practice and introspective-time to process information)
  • Facilitate the workshop/course (consider a pilot session for evaluation of course content and related materials, if an ongoing workshop/course)
  • Use the participants feedback (written, verbal & via body language) to improve the quality of workshop/course and to keep the organization informed of participants needs
  • Make changes to the workshop agenda/course curriculum, as requested in writing and approved by the “Design Team”