Promoting Responsible Communication, Decision-making and Change

Promoting Responsible Communication, Decision-making and Change

Strategic Partnering for Organizations

Organizations, like cells, organisms, communities and galaxies, can be described as systems within systems that are interacting in some way, changing or being changed. The parts within these systems are interconnected. If something happens in one part of the system it causes change in other parts of the system. As a result every act results in a change to some part of the greater whole.

Holon Consulting Strategic Partnering Process engages all parts of the organization to use the power of their collective experience to achieve the desired results. These collaborative processes, promote the conditions for organizations to self-organize in novel and innovative ways.

These collaborative processes provide an effective means to:

  • Strategic Visioning
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Personal, Team and Organizational Alignment
  • Promoting Shared Leadership
  • Developing a Network of Partners
  • Sharing Information and Decision-making
  • Building a Customer Focused Organization
  • Facilitating Change & Transition
  • Building a shared Vision, Mission & Tactical Plan

Please contact us for details of how these processes can work in your organization.