Personal Partnering, Patterns and Archetypes

Personal Partnering, Patterns and Archetypes

Holon Consulting provides individuals the tools for self awareness and personal development. By blending self-analysis, intuition, energy intelligence and creative visualization, your options are surfaced in order to make informed decisions. Maps and models emerge to promote the beliefs and actions that best serve yourself, your family, team, community or organization.

“Archetypal insights provide an individual with courage and hope, two essential forces for healing and moving forward with life.”
-Carolyn Myss

Whether you are seeking meaning or direction, making a change, or transitioning to a new life phase:

Archetypal Consulting (certified by Carolyn Myss)

Develop Your Sacred Contracts to:

  • Gain spiritual clarity through symbolic sight and archetypal language
  • Identify primary patterns of behavior (archetypes) that influence you in 12 aspects of your life
  • Apply new insights and self awareness to move towards greater health and wholeness

Life Coaching

Develop your Personal Compass* to:

  • Clarify your purpose and vision
  • Assess your needs, skills and situation
  • Set Goals to achieve what you desire
  • Create an action plan to support your desired outcomes

The “Personal Compass” is a powerful tool, whether you are seeking direction or something more meaningful, making a transition or coming to the end of a life phase.
-*Grove Consultants (

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