The key elements of Holon Consulting philosophy are 4-fold. The first element is integration, blending and marrying the mind (thought), body (action) and soul (purpose). Followed by empowerment, acknowledging and supporting the passion and gifts natural to each of us. The third element is growth, providing the tools as teacher and the audience as student to co-create learning environments. Lastly is holism, operating with the awareness of the entire system, identifying the causes behind the symptoms and seeking long term solutions.

At the core of our consulting practice is our passion for digging deeper. We draw on developmental psychology, systems theory, learning organizations and change theory to provide tools for greater honoring of each other, connection to purpose and achievement of goals. Our services focus on engaging all parts of the organization (and other stakeholders) in clarifying shared vision and values, and in energizing and implementing that vision and values in everyday work and life.

We feel honored to live our passion in a way that contributes to the wholeness of others (individuals, groups and organizations/communities) and provides the opportunity for greater alignment.

Joy Keller-Weidman

Joy Keller-Weidman, President of Holon Consulting, is a human and organizational development consultant, who promotes effectiveness by engaging all parts of the system in sharing information, strategies and decision-making around core issues.

For over 30 years, Joy has offered collaborative facilitation services which promote creativity, solutions and cooperation within individuals, teams, organizations and communities. Based on self-organizing systems, these collaborative approaches, including dialogue, open space and appreciative inquiry, generate consensus among diverse and complex populations, leading to successful resolutions and desired change.

Holon Consulting services focus on:

(1) Innovative meeting design & facilitation

(2) Forging coalitions through shared vision, values, goals & strategies

(3) Building energized and focused teams

(4) Strategic Visioning and Planning

(5) Stakeholders Meetings and Focus Groups

(5) Constructive problem solving and mediation

(6) Collaborative, change projects

(7) Participative, large group forums

(8) Personal visioning and empowerment.

Benefits and outcomes to leaders, managers, owners, tribal members, employees, staff members, board members and volunteers include:

  • New solutions to old problems
  • Shared responsibility for outcomes
  • Valuable and efficient meetings
  • Energized and engaged group members
  • Creative thinking and new ways of working together
  • Buy-in and accountability for next steps and agreements
  • Building trust and relationships
  • Generating consensus among diverse members and complex populations

In one large state agency, beginning in 1997, Joy has helped redesign an internationally recognized Partnering Program and coach its staff to win the Arizona’s Governor’s Outstanding Team Award. She has also been the lead designer and facilitator for Partnering programs, which are benchmarked by other states and countries.

Throughout Arizona, New Mexico and California, Joy continues to build Federal, State, County, City and Tribal Partnerships, which have also been recognized with Partnering Excellence Awards.  Clients of Holon Consulting include government agencies (federal and state), counties and cities, tribal entities, small businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, private schools and for-profit businesses.

Timothy Weidman

Timothy Weidman, co-founder of Holon Consulting, has worked as a consultant and facilitator for over 25 years. After earning a Masters’ Degree in Psychology, he developed his skills and knowledge of group dynamics and learning environments, working with groups and individuals in the private and public sectors. He spent 2 years in private practice in California and the past 25 years as a consultant, specializing in whole systems change through collaborative processes. His effective listening, diagnostic and coaching skills contribute tremendously to the facilitation of individuals and diverse groups dealing with complex and controversial issues.

Timothy’s skills and experience include:

  • Counseling with individuals and groups using techniques and theories of Process Oriented Psychology
  • Research and design flexible structures for organizations, teams and individuals with an emphasis on the following: groups as a living system, the balancing of the individual and the whole, living in harmony as individuals, humankind and planet kind
  • Facilitator and practitioner of Open Space Technology
  • Develop clients’ skills and awareness in the areas of conflict resolution, dialogue, systems awareness and co-creativity
  • Consult with organizational transformation consultants: researching new business paradigms, design interventions for culture change and organizational learning
  • Development of successful models for individual and group evolution
  • Co-creation of long-term community and support groups